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Discerning the Devil: How not to lose

The famous wizard, mystic, and organizer Saint Ignatius of Loyola is perhaps known most for being the founder of the Society of Jesus, commonly referred to as the Jesuits, or the Jesuit Order. The key document his mysticism and Order is based around is known as the Spiritual Exercises. Amoungst other things, he details particulars on spiritual discernment. This is essentially identifying whether movements of the spirit, ambition, ideas etc etc are motivated by good, or evil spirits(proxies for Christ and Satan, naturally). If this principle can be applied to the individual, why not, perhaps, a movement? If a single soul, why not a collective soul? Read on for the obvious continuity.

“Master Ignatius noted that these dense complexes of motives and energies take on two configurations, which he identified with consolation and desolation. He discovered that both consolation and desolation can move you toward God or pull you away from God. Then he noted that sometimes consolation comes from a good spirit and sometimes from a bad spirit, and he noted the same thing about desolation.”

What are some consolations and desolations of Neoreaction? Do they move us closer, or further away from goodness(God, Truth, Gnon etc)? All important rhetorical questions.

Ignatius identified two types of people. Those who are good, and strive to be better. And those that move from one mortal sin to the next. There are then, the forces of progressivism, whom walk blindly lockstep from one mortal sin to the next. And those of Reaction, who strive to be good, and return to something better. How can this system serve as a tool for growth? If we are able to successfully recognize as a collective body when we are in a state of desolation, we will be able to better circumnavigate it. If we know ourselves, we will better know how to combat our enemies.

Ignatius speaks of the danger of making decisions during a time of desolation. Particularly he warns against acting contrary to those good ideas we had discerned in a period of consolation during our low points. Acting through the lense I’ve modeled, one would not be remiss in taking the following conclusion.

The strongest force the left has against us is moderatism. There will be insistances, yelling and screaming to make concessions. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re like all the other uncool reactionaries?” they will ask. You are not cool, you are a reactionary. Your grandchildren’ children may be cool, but not you. Progressivism continually tempts the right with that pendulum. It is perfectly visibly in the ever leftward march of progress in the political spectrum. That in America those who were liberal less than a hundred years ago are now the paragons of conservatism is a farce.

Ignatius reveals to us that the good man, ever striving to be better will be tempted with pleasures. Small concessions and sins which seem ever so convenient. And so in this manner before long the mainstream right begins only to lap at the shadow of the leftist political alignment, dragging the country with it. Some of you will be tempted to yell the Slippery Slope accusation. If one exists in the circles of Neoreaction and has not realized this cardinal truth, allow me to illuminate you. Rome is burning. We have descended the slope, and slide farther. We do not need to light the match, the house is ablaze! Go read Moldbug, Radish, or any of the other pertinent reporters and analyzers of the fire. It is not a fallacy if it actually occurs, and it has, and will.

Gnon will not change, and nor should you. Remember, “The Devil was the first Whig.”
In good faith, Valkyrie Politics

You’re Not Cool: Anti-Populism and Edginess

A common aesthetic criticism of the NRx world is that they tend to be edgy. What exactly does this mean, and is it substantiated? Merriam-Webster defines ‘edgy’ as being


: nervous and tense

: having or showing a harsh or unkind quality

: new and unusual in a way that is likely to make some people uncomfortable”

You may be able to derive why, then the Neoreactionary community is accused of edginess. Many of the articles and deconstructions written of a harsh of unkind quality(not, that is to way, without warrant). And they certainly look at things in a new, or rather decidedly old way that most certainly evokes comfortableness, and outright fear in many cases. One needs only look at the figure of Davis Aurini to gain an appreciation of how many view the internet reactionary community. As I write this I am carefully aware of the irony of the assertion, I smoke tobacco and drink whisky, just as Aurini does in so many of his videos, but I digress. So what? Who cares? These are the response and thoughts one is likely to garner amongst the selfsame community when presented with this accusation. Even if it were true, why does that affect the intellectual merit of an idea in any way? It does not.

This is, in fact, at the core of the Neoreactionaries political Zeitgeist, he is anti-populist. He is anti-cool. Most reactionaries despise mainstream society, or at the very least are entirely contemptuous of it. In many cases they prefer outright exit, in others, subversion of the mainstream norms. In either case, they do not like what they see, Reactionaries are doomed, fated even to be edgy, it is part of the baggage. There is nothing to be done.

In light of this entirely fatalistic and deterministic conclusion, perhaps we should endeavour to simply drink more scotch, tip more fedoras, and enjoy more fine cigar?

In good faith, Valkyrie Politics.


In an attempt to cope with inebriation, I want to describe both the purpose and tone of this blog, and some literary devices.

I am going to do little length deconstructions of the modern political structure, Moldbug and RadishMag are much better than I can ever hope to be. I want to focus on constructive material and discourse. This is all very pretentious really, to be succinct. I want to build a Reactionary blog about what do to with yourself during and after the Cathedral(Synagogue) crumbles around you.

There are other introductions that need to be made, namely to Sir Florian Geyer, and Prince Reinhardt Freiburg. Sir Florian Geyer was a real fellow, Prince Reinhardt Freiburg was not. Florian Geyer was a populist knight during the Reformation, Reinhardt is a make-believe cavalryman in service of Frederick the Great. Hopefully these Teutons will make some appearances later.

The Valkyrie plucks the dead hero from the battlefield, immortalizing them forever. We shall attempt to pluck them back.